Transdermal synergy<sup>TM</sup>

Transdermal SynergyTM is a new innovative way to give yourself and your loved ones the relief and support we all need right now. This advanced mechanism provides much faster relief and greater effectiveness than any other topical healthcare products or supplements on the market today. It’s an advanced rapid delivery system with a unique formulation of rare herbs, CBD, and vibrational tinctures that ensure that you’ll get fast, immediate results.


Transdermal SynergyTM is the mechanism for potentially creating immediate relaxation in your nervous system.

Since everyone is different with how they percieve and feel the benefits, your personal response will be unique to you. That means you may notice feeling calmer and less tense, muscle tension melting away, pain beginning to dissipate, your mind becoming clearer and easier to focus, improved sleep, your immune system’s response can improve, and deeper meditations with less chatter in the mind.

The best part is you can achieve all of this from the comfort of your own home in just a matter of seconds. The reason why it works so fast is that it uses Nano-emulsion technology which triggers the nervous system to uptake more of the ingredients within the formula. The combination of this Nano-emulsion technology CBD and a bioavailable plant base can result in up to 15 times more absorption and uptake while only needing a fraction of the dosage recommended by other CBD products.

Better Absorption

The skin acts as a barrier to the outside world and is designed to only absorb tiny particles smaller than 60-80 nanometers. Anything larger just sits on the skin and very little will be absorbed. With most topical CBD products only about 6% gets absorbed into the body as the particles are way too big to get through the skin's protective barrier. It's like trying to throw baseballs through a chain link fence versus throwing marbles through it.

On top of that, a staggering 80-95% of ingested CBD oil never gets used by your body. With topically applied Transdermal SynergyTM, the opposite is true. At only 25 nanometers, our CBD is absorbed at a much higher and faster rate, giving you immediate results that you can actually feel within seconds, with only a fraction of the CBD dosage used by other products on the market.

Standard Oil 2000 Nanometer

Standard Oil 2000 Nanometer

Liposomal Microemulsion 100-1000 Nanometer

Liposomal Microemulsion 100-1000 Nanometer

<span>Transdermal Synergy<sup>TM</sup></span>Nano -Sized Microemulsion 25 Nanometer (avg)

Transdermal SynergyTMNano -Sized Microemulsion 25 Nanometer (avg)

game-changing technology

This game-changing technology is more effective than every other CBD delivery method on the market.

It ensures that by applying only the smallest amount you get the highest concentration directly absorbed into the body, giving you the fastest results that you will ever experience while saving you money. As you can see above, the magic of Transdermal SynergyTM is when you experience the fusion of three separate products into one. The combined benefits form a synergistic effect that is exponentially more powerful than each product on its own, providing fast results and increased healing benefits.

Why is that important to you?

The CDC states that as much as 90% of all of our illness and disease is stress related. So, managing your stress levels is critical to our overall health by:

  • Helping reduce pain, inflammation and muscle tension
  • Improving your immune response
  • Maintaining healthy digestion
  • Clearer thinking and improved energy levels
  • Improved mood, breathing and quality of sleep

Transdermal SynergyTM gives you all the stress and pain-relieving benefits from the unique combination of three separate products. Together, they give you the most unique and complete support system for the fastest, deepest results possible.

Our premium CBD with Nano-particle technology is 100% THC-free and works miraculously when combined with our proprietary formulation of organic herbs that have been prepared and aged for maximum potency. The combination of herbs is specially designed from ancient formulas to give you relief and starts the healing process as soon it touches your skin.

Even more unique are the vibrational tinctures, similar to flower essences, that give you an additional level of support by helping to free you from negative thoughts, emotions and habits that are brought on by stress and can negatively affect your health, happiness and quality of life.

You have the peace of mind knowing that Transdermal SynergyTM is safe to use because it’s topical, not ingested. You control your own dose with as little as one drop at a time - and it can be applied as often as needed without concern of taking too much. You’ll know right away if each drop is enough to do the job.

The best part is it works regardless of your age, gender, health condition or beliefs. With Transdermal SynergyTM utilizing the normal operations of the nervous system, it’s the same for everyone.

Only Blue Buddha Therapeutics© topical products are engineered with Transdermal SynergyTM. This proprietary delivery mechanism is an industry first, along with the combination of three different formulations into one unique and powerful product that you won’t find anywhere else.